Beginning in early 2015, Writeonpoint was contracted to serve as webmaster for, which includes thousands of individual pages and which receives 50 million hits annually.

We undertook the following initiatives:

  • Implemented responsive mobile-friendly design throughut all major sections
  • Added social media sharing
  • Created and regularly update a Facebook page with engaging posts
  • Added hundreds of public-domain or properly licenced free images
  • Revised and edited content for accuracy and presentation
  • Added thousands of internal links within and between sections of the site
  • Identified and removed copyright violations
  • Optimized ad code and ad strategy
  • Redesigned and reorganized site navigation
  • Improved overall attractiveness and functionality

As a result of this work, the site has experienced a dramatic uptick in both viewership and revenue

Before and After:

This is just a small sample of some of the specific sections of that we have redesigned and rebuilt.

You will need to disable pop-up blockers in order to view samples.