Website Development

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If you need a website built from scratch, we can build it. If your site was made in the bygone era of desktop dominance, we can help you join the mobile world.

Does your site need some interactive functionality, or to store and retrieve data? We've got you covered with Javascript and database management.

If you can envision it, we can build it.

Websites samples

Below are some samples of websites we have built or updated:

In February 2015, Writeonpoint was contracted to manage and update, a history education website comprising thousands of pages and which receives 50 million hits annually. The site was created in the mid-1990s, and much of the site had not been updated since its creation. We undertook the following initiatives:

As a result of these and other initiatives, the site has experienced a dramatic uptick in both traffic and revenue.

ushistory is an ongoing project with which we expect to be involved for the foreseeable future. Writeonpoint did not create this site and was not involved in the content creation or design except as noted above.

Corporate Touch

This site was created for a small business. We worked closely with the client to build a site matching his design specifications. Writeonpoint has also been contracted to work with this business to manage their data and set up databases for organizing customer data.


In addition to developing this site for a small software company, Writeonpoint staff have been contracted to handle correspondance and provide customer support.

Personal site of Andy Breslin, a member of the Writeonpoint team. The site was created to showcase Andy's fiction and some games and animations with JavaScript and CSS

Judy's Notecards

A small website created for an artist to distribute her lovely notecards.

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