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Our staff includes professional writers with decades of experience in print journalism and online content preparation. We're well versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, making sure that your audience finds their way to your page. And we can craft compelling content, ensuring that they keep reading once they get there. We've written on every topic under the sun and are comfortable researching and writing on any subject matter.

Social Media

Since 2015, we've been writing a regular "Today in U.S. History" piece for the Independence Hall Association(IHA) Facebook page. Usually one to three paragraphs long, these short but informative posts are designed to direct traffic to IHA's website, ushistory.org. These posts are well received and frequently shared.

Online articles and content

In addition to preparing and revising content for websites we've created or managed, we've had hundreds of commisioned articles published in online venues including Salon, eHow and LiveStrong.

Technical writing

Writeonpoint staff have years of experience writing technical content for technological leaders including Comcast and Xerox, as well as smaller start-ups offering innovative software and communications technology.


Articles and stories have appeared in Chess Life, Games, Animal Times, Good Medicine, AV Magazine and others.


We've been writing since people got their news from paper and ink. Writeonpoint staff have had articles and op-ed pieces appear in St Paul Pioneer Press, Detroit Free Press, Charlotte Observer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Columbia Daily Tribune, Tallahassee Democrat, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Chester County Daily Local News and many others.

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WriteOnPoint Communications, Inc. Berwyn, PA info@writeonpoint.com